Maxim Vlasov- The Producer Who Is Influencing The World For Good Starts

maxim vlasov
maxim vlasov influencer

The world is changing every minute. The Internet and Social Media play a big part in people’s lives. Everything you need to know, to find, to watch or to listen to, you can find it on The Internet. It is such an excellent opportunity for each of us. It gives us a chance that our ancestors did not even imagine.  People can build a great career, only having access to the Internet, motivation, and a little bit of imagination.

So is the case of Maxim Vlasov. He is that person who has utilized this opportunity for his benefit, so he became a producer and an influencer.

The Story From The Beginning

Maxim Vlasov is born in Russia, Moscow. Being a young boy, he already knew that the discipline and knowledge would let him go further and higher. So, he was a very hard-working pupil, a determined one. All teachers knew that he would be a big personality, a creative one. Every time he impressed teachers and other adults with his words and thoughts. So, living in the heart of Russia, and knowing exactly what he wanted, helped him a lot to get what everyone dreams about: a successful career.

Higher And Higher

He is the founder and the owner of  “Agency 13”, which collaborates and manages models, actors, singers, artists and well-known celebrities as Dan Balan – a musician known for his band “O-Zone,” Kate Mtsituridze, Bogdee – a famous blogger, the photographer Natalia Manaenkova, Vlasova Varvara – a Russian model.

Another awesome successful beginning in his life- was the 2010 year, when Maxim started working together with Roskino. It was a new experience that gave him more inspiration and fame.

Thanks to his amazing work and talent, for a long time, he was also producing very well-known, glamourous and fancy magazines like “Playboy” Russia, Ukraine, Italy; “L’officiel” Baltics; “Vogue” Ukraine; “InStyle” Moldova; “Maxim” Africa; “GQ” Mexico.

Due to his talent and personality, Maxim’s Instagram account counts now more than 811k devoted followers. People like him for his humanity, simplicity, and determination.

Plans For The Future

Now, Maxim is not stopping. He has a lot of new projects, and soon, we will find out what he is preparing for us. We know that he is already preparing some interesting projects with Russian and international magazines. We also know that, besides his school, he wants to launch another amazing project, but it is still a secret, so we are impatiently waiting. Another interesting collaboration, it is a new kind of project, with some foreign celebrities, that everyone knows and admires. Now, their names are kept secret, but soon, we will find out what the surprise is.

Maxim is an example of how an influencer must be: hard-working, authentic, goal-oriented, and wise. We cannot say that his way to success was easy. No. He had a lot of trouble, a lot of inconveniences, but there is a thing that makes him different: he always knew that: if it’s easy, it’s not worthy. That’s why Maxim is optimistic, progressive, and trustworthy.

You can follow Maxim in IG @supermax.